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5 Reasons to Walk Out on a Psychic Reading

There are many reasons why people seek guidance and clarity from a psychic. After all, wouldn’t it be nice if Life came with a set of instructions? Most people would love to have a Life Coach, Intuitive, or Psychic advise them on how to make the best decisions for them in order to be on their Highest Path.

Whether we are going through a heart-wrenching break up or wondering if we should leave a tumultuous (or stagnant) job or relationship, we all want answers to the hardest questions in our lives.

Seeking wisdom from another, especially if we have not met them before, requires us to put our trust in them, and often, to be vulnerable as we share our most deepest issues and fears.  It is of utmost importance to find a psychic who is truly gifted, honest, trustworthy — and ethical.

Unfortunately, not all those who claim to be psychics or gifted intuitive readers are.

Here are some red flags that tell you when you should walk out on a psychic reading:

You feel heavy, depressed, scared, or sad.

This is not a good sign that the reader is in a good place. All healers should be able to deliver the truth while also help you by providing insight on how to get past the challenge.

If they are truly “God-sent”, you should walk away from your reading feeling inspired, lighter, more determined than ever to overcome your challenges.  Healers should help you feel stronger, not worse, hopeless, or more sad and confused.

You should feel empowered after your reading.  If you feel dirty, disempowered, or internally that something’s not right, then you’ve been energetically manipulated.

You feel insulted, ridiculed, or minimized in some way.

Be aware as you would with a partner, friend, family member, employer, or even client: if someone leaves you feeling worse about yourself after you spend time with them, this is not a good or healthy sign that they have your best interest at heart.

Life and the World is hard enough. Praise and compliments are rare, it seems, while criticism from some people runs freely and rampantly. Do you really need more criticism or harsh words telling you how you are not quite measuring up?

It should feel like the reading came from a good positive place, not a dark heavy space.

If you leave a reading feeling like you are worthless, stupid, or without hope for a better life, you really ought to look at seeing a different reader next time.

3.) You should never be asked for more money than what you were originally quoted, or paid, for a reading.

If a psychic says they need to cast a spell, or remove a curse to find you love or to light a candle for you to clear your energy because your energy is bad,

Run..don’t walk…out of there.

Having a reading is like any business; You should be told up front the cost, what to expect and what you’ll get. For example if the reading is 30 minutes, the cost is this certain amount.

Granted, if a client wants to bring a latte or a cupcake to their reading, I certainly wouldn’t object.

However, if a psychic demands you to buy them jewellery, or other such expensive gifts…. Just no, don’t be manipulated.

Additionally,  A good psychic will tell you that they barely need any information to give you an accurate reading.

All I need is a voice, or a question, or a name and I should be able to give enough information. I have personally stopped a reading to let them know that I’m not ‘feeling’ the reading. That we should try another day because I know what I’m capable of, and this isn’t it.

Unfortunately I’ve had a ton of bad days over the past few years and still do have them, but I’d rather risk having an angry client (and yes, I’ve have clients incredibly angry at me for re-scheduling or cancelling their appointment) than risk my reputation.

They are way off in everything they say about you with no room for conversation or challenging of facts.

If you are being told “This is how it is” vs. “What are your thoughts on these ideas?” – Beware. As knowledgeable as many readers are — and many are VERY talented — be wary of those who speak a little too confidently about YOUR life, YOUR feelings, etc.

Readers are there to HELP you.

They should not RULE you or TELL or DEMAND you do what they suggest. That simply reeks of pure EGO.

A healer should work with you collaboratively, and offer suggestions, ideas, insights, not TELL  you how you are feeling or what you should do.

Always remember that YOU are in charge of your own life, your own free will and your energy. We can change our destiny simply by changing our thoughts, which determine our outcomes or what we attract into our lives.

YOUR intuition is ALWAYS your best guide and your Truth.

Too generic, vague, unhelpful, or reading just doesn’t resonate.

People are so unique with individual Life Plans, past lives, dreams, issues, and goals. There is no way there can be a “one-size-fits-all” template when it comes to psychic readings.

You can tell when someone is authentic with you vs. someone who is not heart-centered, is greedy, or just not connecting with you. We are all intuitive creatures. We can tell when someone is real, and when they are just playing the game, or worse…playing you.

If you truly cannot connect with your reader or if your psychic seems TOO general, too vague, too apathetic…you might want to consider ditching that reader and trying again. Not all are bad, but not all are good either.

If you don’t feel heard or understood, perhaps you don’t have the right connection with the right person.

Some readers can only pick up on your current energy vs. tap into where your paths can potentially lead if you make certain decisions. Know the difference.

There is a difference between Empaths or readers who can pick up on your current energy and just simply reflect back to you how you are currently feeling vs. what your future can look like if you take a certain path.

The ones who can truly pick up on your future paths are gifted spiritually. They have been gifted with the talents of seeing into the future if you take a certain path this way or that way. These are the ones you want to seek for advice if you have a big decision to make.

Remember, it’s all about ENERGY and TIMING.

Trust your instincts. Go by how you FEEL. Does he or she feel trustworthy? Interested in YOUR story or just the money? If a reader or psychic encourages you to go with your gut, that is a GOOD sign.

After all, we are all our own best coaches, guides, intuitives, and readers.

The job of a Psychic carries many ethical responsibilities, and a great reader deserves respect. They can truly save you much pain, time, mistakes, heartache, and provide deep insight and healing.

However, a truly good one will also honor YOUR energy, time, intuition, inner wisdom, and request for guidance.