Email Psychic Readings

Email Psychic Readings & 
Email Intuitive Consultations

Email readings are done by Barb Mather personally. She may write out the email or you may request she record her voice (which is a new & exciting option) and send via email for you to upload and listen.

No computer generated responses.

Good for those seeking specific questions such as career, relationships, or finances, etc.

Barb will answer your questions, plus give whatever messages come through from loved ones and/or spirit guides/ angels.

Please be aware that email readings may not be as in-depth as phone readings since you can’t ask questions back during the session, as it is not live.

Barb will perform the email reading as her schedule permits.

Please be patient as the waiting times for a response can take from a couple of days, or weeks to over a month. If your email request is a time sensitive matter, please indicate your request. You may also email to ask how long the wait time would be at any given moment as Barb’s schedule does change.

One Question
$45   •    Two Questions $80   •    Three Questions $115