Psychic Investigation

Barb Mather is a Psychic Profiler
She helps investigate crimes and/or missing people and/or animals by using psychic abilities.

Barb is not currently taking on any new cases at this time.

Barb Mather does and will work on missing person and/or crime cases. As a world renowned and respected psychic, Barb does not solicit her services to the above agencies or family members without first being invited to assist on the case.

Keep in mind that psychics do not solve crimes – the authorities do.  However, the psychic information that Barb receives – including images, impressions, contacting Spirit Guides and her direct connection with The Other Side – can possibly lead to clues, new information and may lead to solving the case and putting closure to the situation.

* Barb DOES NOT charge for this service, even when it involves her travel, however donations are not turned away but are never requested.

* Barb will only consider working on a case if asked directly by immediate family, police or detectives/private investigators.

* As a condition of accepting a case, Barb does & will request that her name not be released.  She does not discuss her work on cases with anyone, including media.

If you have a tip or can help provide valuable information about a missing person or unsolved crime, please take your information directly and immediately to the proper authorities so that they may follow up on your information and investigate your claim.  Do not email or call Barb with your information or impressions.  She does not work with anyone else.