I love having readings with Barb! I fully trust what she has to tell me, as in past readings, she hasn't steered me wrong. She has an amazing gift to share with us 🙂 Thankyou for taking the time for my session Barb, I always feel that you care and want to help.
I very much enjoyed my reading. It was almost scary yet fascinating how much you knew and could tell me.
I would like to talk again sometime in the future
I always enjoy talking to Barb. She has a special gift that inspires and comforts many.
I am sure for her at times it is a negative thing, but the peace she brings to many, must be the reward for continuing. I hope that Barb continues to help people , and give peace to those seeking her guidance.
I wanted to thank you for the reading that you gave Doris and I last night. You have an incredible gift and have provided us with some comfort and peace that will help us get through this difficult loss in our lives.  The messages that you delivered to us last night is a gift that we will cherish always. Last night was the first time I actually saw Doris happy since Skip's passing - for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
A prediction Barb made came to pass. I did get into the grad program! Thank you! <3
Had my first phone session with Barb and it was a great experience. I love her delivery method of just straight up telling you what she is feeling/sensing/seeing. It was accurate to my current situation and helped provide much needed clarity, as well as hope for the future. Thanks again Barb! 🙂
 Wonderful experience , thank you for your understanding and insight